AMANCAES... The flower that inspired songs

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The flower AMANCAES (Hymenocallis amancaes or Ismene amancaes) is endemic to the coastal hills of Peru and belongs to the family of Amaryllidáceas.

Only appears in the cold and cloudy season, despite being already symbol of the city of Lima, is grown very little in this city and is in danger of extinction.

Its beauty has inspired artists and intellectuals. Since pre-Hispanic times, the Inca culture keros and other pottery decorated with this flower.

The Amancae (name in Quechua) is also called Amancaya (in Aymara), Hamanq'ay, Janacai, Lamanckai, etc.

The great Peruvian singer and songwriter Chabuca Granda evokes in his song José Antonio: "Por una vereda viene, cabalgando Jose Antonio,; se viene desde Barranco a ver la Flor de Amancaes".

The poet Pablo Neruda alludes to this beautiful flower in his "Ode to Planter".