KANTUTA... National Flower from PERÚ.

Double Room or Single Room with private bathroom

The KANTUTA is the National Flower from Peru and one of the two national flowers of Bolivia (being the other Patujú flower). It is known that the Incas were amazed by its beauty promoting the cultivation of Kantuta in all domains, consecrating the Sun God (Inti) hence it is also known as The Sacred Flower of the Incas.

The KANTUTA is a native species of the Andes of Bolivia and Peru which has been cultivated since ancient times; is said that the Incas found in natural essences Kantuta allowing water conservation. When the Inca Emperor participated in a ceremony where he walked the roads were decorated with flowers of Kantuta. In the early twentieth century, in the department of Cuzco, the Kantuta was used in funeral ceremonies because it was believed that its water could quench the thirst of the deceased for the eternal journey.

The KANTUTA also served to adorn his temples of young people who were to be submitted to Huarachicuy ceremony in which they became warriors. Highland villagers cantuta make necklaces to hang on their doors as a symbol of hospitality and welcome visitors. Since pre-Columbian times Andean people have admired and worshiped the sacred mountains or apus that protect their territories, and even today some people keep the custom of worshiping them, putting flowers of Kantuta on its slopes to represent appreciation and devotion by these sacred mountains.