COCA... magic and ancient plant

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In ancient times there were three elements forming a trilogy of sacred plants.corn, potatoes and coca. Currently still retain the lead role in Peruvian culture in Peruvian food and in most Andean rituals.

What is COCA?
Coca is a native of the Amazon Andes plant that can grow to 2.5 m in height. Coca grows in tall, hot and humid lands on the eastern side of the Andes. Even grows under the shade of some tropical trees. The coca leaf has several substances known as alkaloids in their internal composition. Cocaine is only one. Has stimulant, anesthetic, therapeutic properties and mitigation of appetite, thirst and fatigue, are shown by chewing or baking.

Properties of the coca leaf
• It has medicinal virtues either alone or combined with other substances.
• Cure headaches leaves are applied, scarves or whole on the temples to mitigate the ventral pain, according to the ancient Peruvians.
• A cup of coca tea is taken to altitude sickness.
• The most common use and has transcended through time is that mitigates hunger and tiredness, "Chacchar" (chewing) is a ritual action with major social implications for the Andean people.
• It is used and is used in some communities for rituals. With it begins the ceremony Andean Shaman, which the wind blowing for some premonitions in sacred places, according to the Andean communities.