Hostel Manzano Cheap Price - Guest House - Puno Peru

Hostel Manzano has Cheap Price every day of the year

Hostel Manzano have cheap price for the travelers all the year, with price according to the needs of travelers.  Our Hostel have price for...

Back Packers: with single, twin and triple room, with private or shared bath, who want comfort and basic services at a very affordable price. 

Couples: Double, with private bath, spaces romantic, intimate and private for couples traveling by "honeymoon" with special nights and beautiful travel experience. 

Family:  Twin, double, and triple with private or shared bath, ideal for tourists traveling with friends or family, and want to have a comfortable, economical (low price) and family place. With additional services and discounts for groups only in our Hostel Manzano in Puno, Titicaca, Peru 

Single: Special for individual tourists, young executives, business travelers and frequent travelers looking for comfort and good service at an affordable price. 

Smokings: Single or Double with private or shared bath, implemented to meet the needs of travelers who like smoke, allways with low rates. 

Rent: Good for travelers who have to spend several days or a long season in our city, students, volunteers or business; with especial price. 

Hourly: If you are traveling through our city our and only have time to spend a few hours. Our hostel Manzano have a cheap rates for you, with this option you will only pay for the hours you stay in the room.

Dormitory-----------------------------PEN 30.00 soles
Single CheapPEN 45.00 solesPEN 40.00 soles 
Single PEN 50.00 soles PEN 45.00 soles 
Double CheapPEN 65.00 soles PEN 55.00 soles 
Double PEN 69.00 soles PEN 59.00 soles
Twin Cheap PEN 65.00 soles PEN 55.00 soles 
Twin PEN 69.00 soles PEN 69.00 soles 
Triple PEN 90.00 soles PEN 75.00 soles 

* The price include Breakfast buffet, Hot water, WIFI, Luggage Storage.