JAZMIN... Relax and Health.

Twin Room or Single Room with shared bathroom

The JASMINE comes from the Chinese region of the Himalayas. It is a plant known for centuries for its sweet aroma becomes intense at night. The scientific name of the plant is Jasminum officinale and there are over 200 different varieties of jasmine flowers scattered around the world.

In our house we have White Jasmine flowers with yellow and pink specks. When opening the flowers, take the form of stars that can reach diameters of about 5 cm. The plant grows as bindweed and gives a pleasant aroma to our garden mainly in the months of March to May.

One of the properties of jasmine, its sedative action is the result of one of its components, linalool, an organic compound that provides the characteristic aroma of jasmine flower and can cause a sedative effect on the mood, reduce stress and promote emotional health. Therefore, jasmine is used as relaxing and soothing.