MAIZ... shelter of sad children

Twin Room or Single Room with shared bathroom

The Peruvian Corn, commonly known in Peru as "CHOCLO", Quechua word has the scientific name Zea Mayz L. and belongs to the grass family. Northerners Peruvian grown, processed and consumed corn 5,000 years ago, being a staple of their diet.

Corn just like potatoes and quinoa, formed an important part of the diet of pre-Inca and Inca people.

In the Inca empire, because of the importance that had the corn was used to make offerings in religious ceremonies. It is also used to put corncobs with valuables in Inca tombs.

Corn is one of the main ingredients of Peruvian food, as it is in many dishes, prepared in different ways. It is an inevitable complement the popular ceviche.

Maiz (song in rhythm Huayno/Gaytan Castro Brothers).

Maiz hermano, granito eterno, jinete de rayos negros, abrigo de niños tristes...