MASHUA... Antiaphrodisiac plant.

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The Mashua is a native of the Central Andes plant, probably in the same areas where potatoes originated. In Peru it has been cultivated since pre-Inca times and have numerous cultures represented in their pottery.

Grows wild or cultivated in the Andes from Colombia to Argentina, at altitudes ranging from sea level to 4,000 m. Today has been successfully introduced to New Zealand.

Close to 3,000 m are Mashua wildlife that could be the ancestors of the varieties known today.

Mashua is an easy to grow plant that can be harvested at 6 or 8 months after planting, and is associated with poverty in view that develops at high altitude levels. It grows in poor soils and does not require the use of fertilizers and pesticides, is resistant to frost, and naturally is able to repel insects and nematodes.

The tubers can be stored up to six months in cool and ventilated places, even they can be stored under the soil to be removed when needed. Growing mashua is very productive, but could yield up to 25 t / ha.

- Is said to reduce sexual desire to decrease the amount of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in the blood. It is said that the Inca troops mashua consumed as part of their diet, to appease the sexual instinct.