MASTUERZO... Beautiful and medicinal

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Mastuerzo develops on the coast, mountains and jungle of our country, to an altitude of 3,000 meters.

This plant has been cultivated since pre-Hispanic times and develops wild in the western Andean slopes and in parks and gardens.

In one of his chronicles the priest Bernabé Cobo wrote: "The Indians call it ticsau and Mastuerzo Spanish Indies The Indians are given a bath with a decoction of this plant when they feel headache, and if the pain is. throughout the body, give bathing the whole body, and the leaves and the roots ".

In our garden the Mastuerzo is a perennial, creeping and climbing plant. It has a fleshy, smooth and branched stem. Presents alternate and light green leaves, being paler at the bottom. His axillary flowers have ram, and their colors range from red to yellow.