QUINUA... the golden grain

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On the heights where the clouds are reflected in lakes, our farmers grow and harvest the golden grain, QUINOA are talking about having their source in the Basin of Lake Titicaca in Puno region and contains a high percentage of minerals , among which potassium and phosphorus.

This region is considered as the main center of origin where it is concentrated and retains the greatest diversity of this ancient grain with more than three thousand years old and there is a food culture that incorporates this valuable cereal in Peruvian tables.
Quinoa is a grain native to the Peruvian Andes and other South American countries.

For the ancient inhabitants of the Andes, as well as corn and potatoes, was one of the basic and the Inca meals each year in a special ceremony, planted the first seeds of season during the solstice, the priests in golden vessels filled with Quinoa is the
offered to the Sun God, "Inti".
This plant was domesticated and cultivated since 5.800 years ago the Andes, domesticated in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Its name Parca is Quechua, Supha, jopa, Juira and Vocali is Aymara