RETAMA... the fragrance of the road

Twin Room or Single Room with private bathroom (without window)

Its beautiful and fragrant yellow flowers that give color in the ways of the mountain not only have ornamental value since have medicinal properties, this plant is used for centuries in infusion leaves for liver disease, heart disease, rheumatism, gout, sciatica, skin conditions and herpes.

It grows predominantly from 2500-3500 on sea level, preferably in ravines at roadsides, adorning them with flowers. Some song lyrics say "Amarillito, Amarillando" or the "Caminito de Huancayo rodeadito de retamas" these Peruvian songs tell us, the presence of this beneficial plant in the history of our people.

The peasant mothers decorate their rooms with flowers that chase away flies; prepared rubs, very effective for rheumatism and is the special ingredient in the manufacture of carpets for the passage of the Lord of Miracles and other venerated images, which is also a tourist attraction. That tradition has been incorporated in the processions of Lima and the main cities.